New Poetry Collection: Gelyana

by holdingbreathmemoir

I’ve been laying low for quite some time, and I’ve moved (thank God!) from Florida back to New Jersey. A lot has changed, and life is good. Although I’m not writing poetry these days, I’m trying to learn how to play the guitar, and hope to set some of my already-written poems to music (I’ve managed to do part of one; my musician son pointed out that it uses all minor chords, which, to me, seems just right for the most part!).
However, for a long time I’ve wanted to publish a collection that includes the poems I wrote just as I was winding down from my feverish four-year bout of being a poet again. They are probably my favorites out of everything I’ve written, and I just wanted them to be “out there,” rather than just languishing on my laptop (a few were actually published in the journals Juked, Hubbub, Prelude, and Hermeneutic Chaos).
So I present to you my new, and probably final, collection of poems, Gelyana. I’m publishing it only as a paperback because I’ve decided that I really don’t like ebooks.
So, if anyone is interested, the book went live today on Amazon, and can be found here:…