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My YouTube Poetry Channel

I’ve finally gotten around to doing something I’ve wanted to do for a long time–I’ve started to make and upload to my YouTube channel videos in which I read my own poems.

Whenever I’m working on a poem, I spend a lot of time reading it out loud to myself; the sound and “music,” if you will, of what I write is at least as important to me as what I’m writing about. And I’ve always loved doing poetry readings–I just don’t get many opportunities to do that down here in north Florida.

And so, if you’re interested, please visit my channel (and subscribe if you like). So far the video aspect is pretty awful, but I’m working on that part. In any case, I’m more concerned about how the poems sound than about what I look like when I’m reading them!


Jacksonville (For Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin)



(for Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin)


Glory’s in the glove-compartment:

your little American legends

brandished in banal

Floridian night,

under filling-station floodlights,

upon overtended lawn.


Take your damned flags and crosses

down; these nights

those children walk alone, not

comprehending, still hearing music,

still trying to get home.

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