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Another Free eBook Week

Every so often I post here to announce that I’m making the Kindle version of my poetry collection, Gospel of the Throwaway Daughter, free for a few days. Now I’m doing it again. The book will be free for five days starting tomorrow, 22 January 2016 (the print version, which is, of course, always nicer, is $8.00).

You can read more about the book and about my work and publications as a poet on the Amazon page.

Here’s the link:

Gospel of the Throwaway Daughter



Two of My Poems Now Up at Construction Literary Magazine

My poems “Levi, Ephesus” (from my new poetry collection Gospel of the Throwaway Daughter) and “Pueblos” (inspired by my visits to the Zuni and Acoma pueblos some years ago) are now up at the newly redesigned Construction Literary Magazine. The editors did a really beautiful job. Here’s the link:


Actually, It’s Here!

For some reason, I wanted my book to be released on December 21st (the date seems significant, although I’m actually not sure why–but at any rate it’s close to Christmas, which I love), but I wasn’t sure if everything would be ready in time. As it turned out, it was. And so I’m really happy to announce that my collection Gospel of the Throwaway Daughter (additional information is available in the previous post) is now available on Amazon.com (the ebook will be available within the next couple of days). Poems from the collection have been published, or are forthcoming, from Menacing Hedge, Kentucky Review, Cafe Aphra, and Construction literary journal. I hope that some of you will take a look and, if you read the book, leave an honest review on Amazon or anywhere else. And a happy, peaceful, beautiful, miraculous holiday season to everyone!


Five Poems from Gospel on Menacing Hedge

Another gorgeous journal, Menacing Hedge, published FIVE (count ’em!) poems from my forthcoming poetry chapbook entitled Gospel. Thrilled again…


Taliyth Zimuwthiy*

Taliyth Zimuwthiy*

Belligerent and rich, belittled

little fool. Bird’s heart full

of crazy listening: crush of lies,

sacrifice, lambs bled,

fallen doves. Devil surging

for a jest, spilling niceties

inside her head, dogging her,

dogging, room to room at dawn: Fire

on their hill will give you

rest, absolve the air

of sacred stench. Turn your hand to it.

Let their olives spit in sand;

boil their bitter oranges.


Creaking in wrecked shoes

that bring you from the lower street,

slapping time against your chest to beat it

back, passer-by, newly wed with wine

still on your breath you startle

with your father at her shriek.


Shorn, surrendered,

kneeling in her silk on aged creases

of the earth, stoking stares

from all their sodden eyes she sings:

Be quick, be quick. It doesn’t hurt me,

doesn’t hurt. I will never cross this plain

again, and swallow all its dirt.


Everyone is dreaming

now, copse wavering in heat. A force:

you find yourself beholden, suddenly

complete. Kneeling too you write in sand:

New lesson—learn love, blind men. Subsiding

dream. They part. She rises, walks to you, and you

will not be alone again.


(*Roughly, “Release the girl” in Aramaic.)

(To hear the audio version, please see previous post.)

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