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My Poem “Rabbi” in the New Issue of Hermeneutic Chaos

The March, 2017 issue of the literary journal Hermeneutic Chaos (whose editor, Shinjini Bhattacharjee, is truly wonderful to work with) went live today, and my poem entitled “Rabbi” is included.

As usual, it’s a stunning issue, and I’m especially pleased to find my work alongside that of poet Lena Khalaf Tuffaha.

Read (and/or listen to) the whole thing!


The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA)

This is one of the very few organizations (in large part because I generally don’t have a lot of money to give) to which I make donations when I can. They work in the West Bank, Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. This seems like a very good time to pass along information here about what they do and how to help.  Please take a look, if you’re interested:


My YouTube Poetry Channel

I’ve finally gotten around to doing something I’ve wanted to do for a long time–I’ve started to make and upload to my YouTube channel videos in which I read my own poems.

Whenever I’m working on a poem, I spend a lot of time reading it out loud to myself; the sound and “music,” if you will, of what I write is at least as important to me as what I’m writing about. And I’ve always loved doing poetry readings–I just don’t get many opportunities to do that down here in north Florida.

And so, if you’re interested, please visit my channel (and subscribe if you like). So far the video aspect is pretty awful, but I’m working on that part. In any case, I’m more concerned about how the poems sound than about what I look like when I’m reading them!


New Poem in the New Issue of Up the Staircase Quarterly

Editor April Michelle Bratten got in touch with me late last night to let me know that my poem “Thanksgiving (1997)” is now up in Up the Staircase Quarterly‘s gorgeous new issue.

All of the poems in the issue are accompanied by visual works; for my poem Shell Myers’ perfect “Her Compassionate Hand” was chosen. I love it.

To make things even better, I’d just heard a few minutes earlier that my son Alessandro had just won Honorable Mention for a piece of music he composed in the first composition competition he’s ever entered (http://www.musefriends.org/ycc2016). If you read the poem, you’ll understand why it seemed like such perfect synchronicity to have the two events happen on the same night.


Poem for Freddie Gray Up at Atticus Review

I just found that this was posted at Atticus Review a week or so ago. It’s another one of my “Dream Poems,” written shortly after the death of Freddie Gray, which followed his arrest by Baltimore police. It started with a dream about my paralyzed pigeon, Cleo, who died a while back after 12 years with me.


AND a Poem in Whiskey Island

April’s been a wonderful month for print publications! I was so pleased that editor Amber Taliancich Allen chose this poem from among the ones I submitted, as it was really my own favorite among them.

If you’re interested in purchasing an issue, or submitting, go here:



Poem in West Branch

I’m SO proud and happy to have had my poem “For the Albino Deer Shot With a Crossbow By an 11-Year-Old Boy in Howell, Michigan” accepted by this journal, and very grateful to editor G.C.Waldrep.

You can buy a copy or a subscription to West Branch here:




“Backwater” in the Latest Issue of Tinderbox Poetry

My poem “Backwater” appears in the new issue of Tinderbox Poetry Journal, alongside a lot of other gorgeous work. Grateful, as always.



My Poem “The Day After Easter” at Stirring

The journal Stirring (Sundress Publications) recently published one of my “Dream Poems” (most of which will be part of a manuscript I’m putting together for a chapbook entitled A Heaven For the Drowned).  Here it is:

“On the Day After Easter” (Stirring)

Another Free eBook Week

Every so often I post here to announce that I’m making the Kindle version of my poetry collection, Gospel of the Throwaway Daughter, free for a few days. Now I’m doing it again. The book will be free for five days starting tomorrow, 22 January 2016 (the print version, which is, of course, always nicer, is $8.00).

You can read more about the book and about my work and publications as a poet on the Amazon page.

Here’s the link:

Gospel of the Throwaway Daughter



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